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What Retailers And Nonprofits Can Learn From Each Other About Driving Advocacy

What lessons can Non Profits and Retailers learn from each other by leveraging their biggest asset: the customers and donors who support them.    READ MORE

Be Prepared for Busy Spring and Summer Gifting

Regardless of what type of business you are in, the coming months are chock full of event planning and celebrations.    READ MORE

Turn the Spotlight on Gift Givers – A Source of Customer Acquisition and New Growth

Want to use your registry to grow your customer acquisition? Every customer who purchases off a registry with your store is another opportunity!    READ MORE

A Data Audit - Tips to Mine All the Information Generated by Your Registry

A Data Audit - Tips to Mine All the Information Generated by Your Registry, With all the talk these days about the power of data to drive business success, look no further than your partner dashboard for a wealth of information about customers and their interest in your products that can shape your strategies.    READ MORE

Partner Dashboard – ‘Operations Central’ for Successful Registry Management

Partner Dashboard – ‘Operations Central’ for Successful Registry Management, The start of a new year typically has most people making resolutions; one popular goal we often hear    READ MORE

A New Year…And New Gifting Possibilities

A New Year & New Gifting Possibilities, at, the start of a new year always generates optimism. We are excited by the opportunities out there for your gift registry to be an even more vital, integral part of your business.    READ MORE

Holiday Countdown…Just Days To Go But There’s Still Time to Ring Up Registry Sales with a Holiday Gift List

This year the holiday season seems full of conflicting consumer sentiments. On one hand, many customers remain concerned about inflation and inventory levels, and those worries have prompted many to be more cautious, shop early, and look for discounts.    READ MORE

Registry to the Rescue – Capture all the Seasonal Gifting

You can’t miss it; the frenetic holiday season is underway. While there is still some economic uncertainty, one thing is certain – customers are intent on gifting and celebrating all sorts of occasions this season.    READ MORE